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Every designed product tells a story - and the best and most successful stories are built around the customer, not the product.

Successful product design needs to create a human emotional experience, a connection with the product that communicates to the user how the product relates to their lives and narratives. This, on top of better functionality, simpler use and greater ergonomics, is what will make a product thrive in the marketplace, increase its perceived value and enhance brand loyalty.


Argyle Design was founded in 1987 in the San Francisco Bay Area with the goal of merging the disciplines of Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing into a seamless process that provides our clients with an end-to-end product development solution.

We provide rapid product development supported by well established ties to Silicon Valley's high-tech resources as well as substantial overseas partnerships.

Over the last three decades we have assembled an award winning portfolio and continue to build an ever-expanding list of satisfied clients.


"Designing with passion" for us means enthusiasm for the process - for questioning, exploring, creating and innovating. It means passionately finding new creative solutions to existing design challenges and looking to constantly and tirelessly improve the objects we interact with in our daily lives. It means developing ideas that promise to change and improve our world.

We would love the opportunity to assist you in telling your brand's story and developing your next innovative and iconic product.


End-to-End Capabilities

Industrial Design

Argyle Design uses the most efficient and creative mix of design development techniques to derive the most compelling and creative solutions to any type of project.

Mechanical Engineering

Our approach is based on preserving Industrial Design Intent while developing the project for the best combinations of economy, efficiency and aesthetics.

Manufacturing Engineering

Argyle Design provides our clients with the highest quality manufacturing engineering support and interface with resources around the world for the best possible final product.

User Interface Design

Argyle Design can assist with GUI development across a wide range of platforms whether it is the design of a control room user interface or the design of complex software or mechanical user interface relationships.

Graphic Design + Packaging

As part of our comprehensive services we can assist our clients with Point-of-Purchase packaging solutions that present the best possible face to the potential purchaser once the product is on the sales shelf.

Award Winning Portfolio

Select list of projects from a diverse field of clients and industries

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Kumu Networks
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Sierra Audio Systems
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Augmented Radar Imaging
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Axys Product Development
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Telestream / Gameshow
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Telos Alliance
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Ruckus Wireless
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Why Choose Us


Award Winning Expertise + Design Process

Over the last three decades we have assembled an award winning portfolio and grew list of diverse clients and projects - widening our expertise and optimally refining our product design process on the way.


State of the Art Technology

State of the Art systems allow us to design and develop products through a synthesis of research, industrial design, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing expertise within the tightest of development cycles. 


Vetted Local + Overseas Partnerships

We have pre-qualified vendors worldwide and can help you find the appropriate manufacturing solutions that fit your projects’ needs - whether you are an early stage startup or an established Fortune 500 company.


Flexible Project Arrangements

Whether you need full-service A-Z product design development or just mock-ups and prototypes to secure your next round of funding - our process is flexible and customized to your specific needs - from schedule, to deliverables to financing.

Meet Our Clients

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The best ideas start as conversations.

Jonathan Ive, 
Chief Design Officer, Apple

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